Water Distribution

Water Distribution system is the network of piping delivering potable water (drinking) to where you need it. Problems in your water supply system can cause a great deal of damage to your home and health.

    • Leaks in your water supply line
    • Faucet repair / replacement
    • Isolation valve failure
    • Additional water lines
    • Hot-water tank repair
    • Hot-water tank replacement.
    • Water pressure problems

Leaks in your water supply

If your home was built between 1978 - 1995, you may have Poly-B piping in your home. This material can no longer be purchased and banned from use because over time the material would burst and leak. Should this material leak and damage your home, you may not be covered by your insurance company.

If your home was built before 1960, you may have galvanized piping . Galvanized pipe is a steel pipe coated with zinc, to prevent rusting and corrosion.  Overtime this material has proven to rust on the inside and cause blockages.

The materials commonly used now are Pex and Copper.

So if your home has either of those materials we can definitely help.

Water Distribution services explained